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Serving the Greater Ottawa Area For 100 Years!

The Drummond family has a long and rich history in the military, farming and business owners. On April 29, 1889 George Drummond and Mary Ann Connell had the first of 6 children Peter W. Drummond. In grade 6 Peter W. had to leave school to help on the family farm.  He started his adult journey in Wilcox, Saskatchewan where he ran steam farm equipment. He then moved back to Ottawa and married. In 1919, Peter W. opened the first of 5 Drummond Service Garages and Gas Stations as cars started to become popular. These stations were located on Elgin Street, Guiges Avenue, Catherine Street, Lyon Street and then 609 Bronson Avenue. Fuel shipments were brought by rail car on track where the Queensway is. During the Second World War the station was taken over by the Canadian Military to operate vehicles from. 

Peter W. Drummond and his wife Lydia Moore had one child – George W. Drummond. At age 21 George took over the Bronson Station and started to grow the family business. In 1950 Bronson Avenue was widened, closing this station. The current location was than built at 365 Bronson Avenue.

George W. went on expanding the business. Our next station was on MacFarlane Road which is now relocated to Merivale Road. George then expanded to Manotick, Highway 31 (Bank Street), Spencerville, Richmond, Smiths Falls and Merrickville.

George W. Drummond and wife Marilynne Steeds had 4 children – Heather, Scott, Russell and Robert. Scott, Russell and Robert all started getting involved with the business at a young age, while in school. They helped pump fuel at the stations and started to learn the business from the ground up. Heather followed a career in music. After George’s death in 2003, Russell and Heather took over the reins of Drummond’s Gas. Marilynne, Scott and Robert are head of Geo. W. Drummond LTD. Robert works between the two Drummond companies. In 2011 Russell’s daughter Caitlin (4th generation) became a member of the Drummond’s Gas team.

We are now 100 years strong and proudly operated by 3rd and 4th generation Drummond’s.

At your convenience, you can contact us or any of our eight locations: Bronson ave, Merivale road, Richmond, Manotick, Gloucester, Smiths Falls, Merrickville, and Spencerville.

At your convenience, you can contact us.


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